Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2015: JB's First

Ready to look at Christmas lights

Last year, Silas left Santa Tootsie Rolls and water. This year he left Rehydrate and Oreos. Santa is moving up in the world! (Si says he thinks Santa needs the extra energy boost from Rehydrate. LOL!)

18" bike. What a surprise!

All JB cared about was what Silas was doing. :)

Hulk Smash!!

Oh the Christmas War Zone

A BB gun from Daddy

He loves all balls! He got several toys with balls of different sizes. He only plays with the balls, of course. ;)

JB is 9, 10, and 11 months old!

Oops! This post is obviously waaaaaaay overdue. So sorry to my second precious baby boy. :(

First Thanksgiving
Corndodger's Farm
At his 9 month check, JB weighed 18 lbs 6 oz (18%) and was 27 inches long (5%). His head was 44.5 cm (17%). The day he turned 11 months old, we went to the doctor for his follow up flu vaccination. At that visit, he only weighed 19 lbs exactly. He is still our tiny mite!

Daddy plopped JB in with Si- by the time they got back around, JB was flat on his back with a huge grin on his face!

JB is full on all the time. He can crawl as quick as greased lightning and can stand for days on end. Do not even encourage him to think about maybe even possibly taking a step. It. Is. Not. Going. To. Happen. Our happy little guy thinks it is hilarious to pull his feet up so that he inevitably sits whenever you try to stand him to walk. Then he will burst into giggles because he knows what you are trying to get him to do. We certainly have a mischievous buddy on our hands! JB will let go of whatever he is holding on to to stand, but when he is ready to move, he sits and crawls.

JB now has six teeth!!! His top four teeth all came in at the same time. I was never so thankful for a teething necklace. I know that makes me some kind of crazy hippie, but it works!

First Halloween- Babe the Blue Ox

Our tiny guy sure does have a large appetite! He drinks a bottle for breakfast, eats a yogurt (and sometimes a fruit too) snack before his morning nap, a fruit and veggie for lunch, pre-nap bottle, post-nap bottle, fruit and veggie supper, and a bedtime bottle. JB does pretty well with his sippy cup. I have not tried it with formula, water, or juice, only with milk. He does not like the milk cold, but does well once it is closer to tap water temperature. Baby Jaby is doing much, much, much better with textured foods. His favorite currently is Goldfish. He chunks his puffs to the floor these days... good thing Rudy likes them. Ha! He is also enjoying crackers and such things. JB did sneak a big bite of a zebra cake that was in my hand one day. Then he ate half of it saying "Yummmmmmm" the whole time. He is also quite the beggar if he sees someone eating something he thinks he might like. When given a bite, he might like it or may reject it. You just never know.

Peanut Festival Fun! I love those sweet toes sticking out of the blanket.

Thanksgiving 2014

Favorite toys as of late are balls and HotWheels cars. He loves to push them and chase them. He also loves them because he can grip them with his tiny hands. JB has been enjoying the push toy walker. He sprints behind it! But see my previous paragraph regarding his desire to actually walk on his own... He also loves the blue car Cici got him for Christmas. He really enjoys riding along outside while the neighborhood kids are riding their bikes and scooters. JB also LOVES books. He takes them off of the shelf, pulls the out of the basket, chews on them, and especially likes reading them.

JB's best bud is Rudy. They stare at each other through the windows. Rudy usually gets bored with JB well before JB is bored of him.

Sleep- JB has a love/hate relationship with it. He naps every morning and afternoon, but he is not going to be happy about it at first. Usually it is just a one minute protest; he feels he must let you know he is unhappy about missing out. JB also protests all diaper changes. He is a master of the steel rod body and the back arch. It makes it terribly difficult to change his diaper, dress him, and buckle him in the car seat. Thankfully, JB is an extremely happy and smiley baby 95% of the time, so if this is our biggest struggle right now, we can handle it!

Goodnight Moon with Gdaddy
Giggles with Gigi

Day after Thanksgiving

JB has many tricks these days. He has an adorable chipmunk laugh that is real sometimes and fake others. We love it! He will play pee pie, blow kisses (by putting his open hand to his mouth), high five, wave bye-bye, dip his head for you to kiss it when you ask him to give you kisses, and play chase. He can say Mama, ball, bye-bye, and Dada. We are so proud of him! Sometimes you have to remind him to actually say bye-bye rather than just wave it. The last two Sunday mornings, when I walked into nursery to pick him up, as soon as I had him in my arms, he turned to his teachers and vigorously waved bye-bye with no prompting. It was hilarious!!

He does not like to snuggle and rock as Silas did. When he is ready for bed, he is ready. His favorite song for me to sing to him is I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. He much prefers it to Jesus Loves Me or anything else.

Overall, we are so grateful for a perfect, happy, adorable, beautiful, gray-eyed baby JB. I cannot believe that in three short weeks he will be a year old! Mommy is in complete denial...

9 months

10 months

11 months

Monday, October 13, 2014

Racing Si

Silas had his first BMX race a couple of weeks ago. (He was so excited, he even left a birthday party early to race!)

He began BMX in June after learning to ride a bike on his birthday in April. He LOVES riding. It is pretty much all he cares about.


You know we couldn't have such a big day without the loving support of our family. Silas truly had a cheering section! (Even if most of them were in ugly attire.)

Silas did great in his race. He took third place and won a troll-phy. He is determined to win at least 2nd next time as he noticed a 2nd place trophy with flames on it. Ha! Finally racing has sparked a fire in him. He was always excited about practice, but now he is begging to race every day!

We are so proud of his courage and endurance! He has been so brave for a 4 year old little buddy. Just when we get frustrated or want to push him further, we notice that he is in bed with all of his stuffed animals in a perfect line tucked in next to him.

I encourage any of you with kids that love bike riding to check out Circle City BMX. They are so friendly and supportive. They have taught Richard and me so much about a sport we were truly clueless about. They have supported, encouraged, helped, and taught Silas so much! Please check them out!